*Backflow Device Serving a Water Powered back up Sump Pump System*T

Pryor Mechanical LLC is one of the areas foremost Backflow Certification Testing, Rebuild and Installation Companies in the Kansas City, serving the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Whether your company or residence has one backflow device or 30, we will provide you with the best backflow certification, rebuild and service possible. We service Backflow Preventers from 1/2" to 12".  We not only test and certify your backflow device, we can provide repair parts for every manufacturer and provide the services necessary to get your backflow device in working order.  And if the backflow device is beyond repair, we are able to replace that device with a device that is accepted by the municipality in which you are located. 

When it come to Backflow protection, DO NOT COMPROMISE, YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS is not worth taking the chance on a backflow device that may not be working properly

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​Some of the Types of Devices & Systems that Require Backflow Protection are listed below!

​Backflow Device Serving a Radiant Floor Hydronic Heating System.

We are the Best Backflow Testing Agency in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area! Call Us Today

  • Boilers
  • Carbonator Devices (Soda Machines, etc.)
  • ​Commercial Vanitorial Soap Dispemsers
  • ​Commercial Domestic Water Services
  • ​Lawn Irrigation Systems
  • ​Swimming Pool Make Up Water
  • Ice Machines
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Processed Water Devices
  • X-Ray Equipment
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Domestic Water to Sewer Connections
  • Dental Equipment (Vacuum Pumps, etc.)
  • ​Nail Salons (Pedicure spas)
  • ​More..................
Backflow Device serving a water powered sump pump


Kansas City backflow preventer testing

Commercial plumbing services:

​Basepump Water Powered back up sump pump

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*It is important to note that the purpose of a Backflow Device is to Protect your Family and Others from any possible Cross Contamination of Our Drinking Water.*

     For More Information go to the following: 

   Missouri Department of Natural Resources          Website: dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/​backflow 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

     Website: www.cdc.gov/legionella/​about


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